Upcoming Web Design and Development

We’re well into 2012, and many designers and developers around the world are planning their travels for the year, which may include attending one of the many Web design and development conferences that will be held in the upcoming months. To help you out with your plans, we’ve once again put together a list of conferences and events that you might want to consider.

As always, this post covers events taking place in about a seven month timeframe that ends in early September. In August, we’ll post another article like this that will cover events for the six or seven month period beginning in September.

There is no way for us to include every possible event, so you are more than welcome to help us out and provide a comment to an upcoming event that you feel would be of interest to Smashing Magazine’s readers. This may also be a chance for you 6 to meet members of the Smashing Team 7 this year.