Ways Content Marketing methods will change this year

To reach target audiences each year, content marketers engage in a cutthroat competition. Hot on their heels are the broad range of brands seeking recognition. To remain at the top, marketers must continually find new ways of informing the masses without appearing to sound tiresome. On the other hand, clients always pose the challenge of not providing sufficient funds in their budget hence leaving content marketers exposed.

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All the same, as 2016 gets underway, here are predictions of how the content marketing landscape will behave:

Increased budgetary commitment

Media houses rely on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for their traffic. Media practitioners are aware that by buying traffic from major sites such as Facebook, they can place their news content and get millions of people to read. However, even with tons of traffic going their way, publishers will still not make good returns if the quality of content in their possession is questionable. On the other hand, even if the content available is top notch, placing it on a platform without making the readers aware could be an exercise in futility. In 2016, publishers will commit more funds to activities geared at promoting the existing content.

Review of marketing strategies

In as far as content marketing is concerned the traditional approach has been that of hiring a media agency and providing them with a budget. After that, the firm comes up with a plan showing the client what the audience wants and how the client should satisfy this thirst. Usually, a media planner will prepare pie charts, schedules and calendars as part of the marketing strategy. Well, in 2016, this trend is poised to change. As a change of strategy, firms will prefer to carry out audience research first. After that, they will request for specific content based on the results obtained. With the new information in place, the next step involves placing the content in select distribution channels and observing the response. In other words, content marketing will not follow the traditional strategy.

Adoption of technology

Content marketing has come of age. As an entrepreneur, you may not be aware of this; but if you do not publicize your business, it will perish. In line with the maturity experienced in the content marketing industry, technology has not remained static. The time has come when firms need to ensure that information about products or services gets to the audiences at the right time and without fail. For this reason, this year will experience a significant shift from traditional content marketing methods to those backed by modern technology.

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Shake-up of marketing teams

Content marketing is now a globally accepted phenomenon. As mentioned earlier, any business that does not push content out there is poised to lose its grip on the market. People have become more sophisticated than they were in, say, ten years ago. For instance, you do not have to visit a news vendor to buy your favorite newspaper or magazine. You can get the same on your phone or tablet. What this means is that content is now available wherever you are. For marketers, they must change tact in 2016. They will need someone in their team to give them direction on the creative angle to adopt. Moreover, the group leader should map out a marketing strategy. Lastly, the person in charge should provide different ways of executing the plan. Hopefully, in 2016, content marketing firms will bring in people who are capable of interweaving graphics with words to tell the brand story.

Start-ups poised to take the lead

As search engines tighten up on content quality, marketers have been left with no option than to up their game. In 2016, you will start seeing content marketing firms that were hitherto unknown begin to take the front seat. The reason for this prediction is simple; the new band of content generators is more empowered than their predecessors. They are keen on creativity and quality.

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