Digital Display Signs


If you are looking for digital signs and screen displays then Website Designers R Us is here to help you out. We are from Alberta, Canada and doing business in this field for more than ten years. Not only we served digital solutions in Canada but also provided digital signs and screen display in USA. We have a lot of experience in designing display including restaurant menu’s display, event display, party information display, product display, sliding screen and animation, 3d display and more.

We will help you to create the best possible digital signs and screen displays for your business. The signs will reflect your organization and definitely match your marketing needs and target customers. We know that every company is different from each other and each of them has their unique characteristics. Before we provide you the digital sign or screen displays, we systematically study your organization and design the suitable signs. So you can see that we are dedicated to provide you the best digital signs possible for your organization. Screen Displays designed by Website Designers R Us not only grab customer attention but also call for action leading to potential sale.

We design unique and eye-catching signs and screen displays that you can use in retail stores, coffee shops, restaurants, Fast Food stores, office, warehouse in other industrial and market places. By using the free-standing pedestals, we design the perfect digital signs with color match options in large displays. It will surely attract your customers and help you to run a successful business.


You may think why use Website Designers R Us digital signs and screen displays instead of printed signs? There are lots of advantages of using screen displays and digital signs. Print media is being replaced by the digital technology that gives you a lot of benefits. In the near future, the print media won’t be effective because the digital media is already taking its place.

What are the advantages of using Digital Signs and Screen Displays?

  1. In digital signs and screen displays, you can deliver both audio and video to your targeted customers.
  2. Sometimes you need to change your message to the customers. If you are using the printed signs, then you have to print over and over again for each to convey your message to the customers. It will cost you a lot so as a result it affects your business badly. On the other hand, if you use digital signs and screen plays then you frequently change the messages by input new images or videos. It will make a great impression on your customers as well.
  3. Using digital signs and screen plays allow you to change your messages rapidly. You can display different messages frequently which you can’t do while using the printed signs. For example, in a fast food shop, if the owner wants to display his offers for morning, noon and evening, he can change the digital screen display for each time of the day and let his customers know about the different offers. But it will be far more costly and time-consuming if he uses printed signs for these offers.
  4. If you are a green-aware person then you will be happy to know that digital signs don’t require papers. So you don’t have to waste any kind of paper. When you are displaying an offer in a printed sign, when the offer is expired, you don’t have any use of it. So the paper becomes unnecessary and wasted. It is an ecofriendly solution.
  5. When you are arranging an event, show or some kind of service, there are different kinds of events and you have to display different messages to the audience. Using digital screens allows you to change messages in the event. For example, when you are having an entertaining event in an arena, there are different categories such as sports, drama, dance and many more. Digital screens can show contents directly to the target customers according to their interests.

Website Designers R Us guarantees its customers full satisfaction and we will revise our work until you are satisfied. Our experienced and creative designers will provide the best signs for your organization and will work closely with you to design screen displays that will work seamlessly on LCD or LED Screens and help you achieve the desired results. We have designed numerous screen displays and digital prints for customers in various industries. So contact with us if you need any help and we will serve you in the best way possible.