Best way to check your own site for keyword rankings

Sometimes we all get customers who are focused on one particular keyword or keyword phrase when it comes to SEO. They only want the site to be optimized for that particular keyword because that is something they would be using to find similar kinds of businesses. However, what they end up failing to realize is that different people have different habits. The way one person things of a businesses or searches for a businesses varies for other people. Based on their need and want at that time, your potential client could be using something very different. Therefore the best way to optimize your website is to tune it for multiple keywords and phrases and then look at your server logs or Analytics Data to see how people are finding you. Of course, finding you is just part of the answer to your SEO strategy. You need to look at your conversion rates to ensure that not only do they find you, they stay on your website and place that call or place that order.

Here are a few words from Matt in regards to this.

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